Thursday, January 6, 2011

This and That Thursday

Today is This and That Thursday. What this means is on every Thursday, the post will contain anything from an "old" stamp or even other products from the store being highlighted. You may get a recap of what's been going on or a "sneak" at what's coming just never know what will be talked about :)

So for today's post, it's all about the INKY DINKY DROPS!!

These embellishments are so cute and very versatile that you can use them on just about any project.  Nicole has a bunch of different colors and you can get them in either batches of 100 or 225-250 ($2.29 and $4.29).  Don't see a color you need, buy the clear and color them with your copics!!  You'll have matching colors at your fingertips!

Happy Thursday!

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Sammi said...

I LOVE these inky dinky drops!!