Monday, September 5, 2011

IIC #22 - Reminds you of a song challenge

Hello Inkettes..

Well we loved seeing your Birthday creations.. what a talented bunch of crafters we are eh??

Now it's Carrie here and I got to set this challenge and I chose..

Inspired by a song!!
So whatever you craft if it reminds you of a song you can enter just remember to tell us what song lol..

Now remember you don't have to use an Inky image however as they are so darn cute it would be fabby to see them popping up lol!!
And also if you use one you could be in for winning a prize at the end of the month.. but any card will be up for a chance at the top 3!!

So on with the singing...

Have you cleared your throats??

Carrie - Cliff Richards summer holiday

Tanya - Grease 2 - back to school again

Ria - Fireflies - by Owl City

Jackie - splish splash by Bobby Darin

Micheala - Nursery rhyme - I have a little frog

Cyndi...Nat King Cole ... Unforgettable

Jenn - Splish splash

Alberto - Unforgettable

We are looking forward to seeing your creations!!!

1 comment:

Nicole (Inky's Mama) said...

WOW! They're all so pretty! But, I just have to say that I love the coloring job on your card Michaela, WOWZERS! That is awesome coloring girlfriend! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!