Saturday, August 15, 2015

August New Release!!

Hey, we're back & back with a fabulous new release. We have some brand new....never seen before fabulous sports images for boys & girls!

Lets see what the Inkettes have created using these new image.....

#1- Angelica Cheerleading--- NEW RELEASE- DIGITAL STAMP

#2- Running Back Christopher--- NEW RELEASE- DIGITAL STAMP


#4- Goalie Christopher--- NEW RELEASE- DIGITAL STAMP

Fantastic creations Inkettes thank you so much.

There you have it Augusts new release, remember to click on the image name to take you to the Inky Store or click on the Inkettes names if you would like to see how they created there cards!

Don't forget we are back on the 19th August with a brand new challenge for you...
See you then
hugs Shell & The Inkettes xx


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